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Kareem Vaude

Coaching emerging actors looking
to work in film and theatre

About Kareem

Vaude brings training techniques drawn from a myriad of sources such as their training at George Brown Theatre School, Stanislavski, and CIG. Their coaching practice has brought success for clients in landing professional bookings for theatre, film, and school auditions, as well as improving upon character work in production. Here you will find a teacher that specializes in bringing out your inner truth and finding the moments of play in every performance. Kareem tailors their practices towards the experiences of BIPOC and LGBTQ2IA+ actors, and invites everyone to share in this imaginative craft with them without breaking the bank.A SESSION MAY INCLUDE ANYTHING FROM:

  • Character Exercises

  • Stanislavski Acting Practices

  • Film/Theatre Audition Preparation

  • Theatre School Audition Preparation

  • Self Tape Coachings

  • Personalized Lessons/Workshops

Gallery photos taken by: Barry McCluskey, Cylla Von Tiedemann, Karen K. Tran, Jeff Bersche

Coaching rates

2 hours$80
1 hour$45
1/2 hour$25

Feel free to reach out for further
inquiries and package options.

To inquire about your first session, get in touch through the email or social media links below.

Artists I've worked with

Headshot of Kwaku Okyere

Kwaku Okyere

Kareem is truly the real deal when it comes to coaching for actors. On two separate occasions he's coached me, once while I was in a professional production where I desperately needed help to get off-book lightning fast, and again when I was auditioning for a lead role in Shakespeare play, which I booked thanks to his coaching expertise. If you are looking for a coach who is specific, motivating, and so much fun to work with, look no further than Kareem Vaude. You sincerely won't regret it!

Headshot of Jeff Bersche

Jeff Bersche

As an actor, Kareem is focused, professional, charming, and masterful in both his approach and delivery. As a coach and director of young people he is exactly the same. He comes prepared to help and instantly creates rapport with young actors. And he is always ready to pivot, if one method is not working, to fit the needs of his client. He is a thoughtful, funny, and excellent acting coach and a genuinely good human.
Jeff Bersche, Director for Urban Arts Project Guelph.

Headshot of Jenn Tan

Jenn Tan

Kareem is amazing. I mean it honestly when I say that working with him was a big part of how I got into Ryerson. I struggle a lot with letting go in my work and Kareem created a safe space that allowed me to be vulnerable without any judgement. He is very effective in using different techniques to get raw emotions and truth out of you. When he sees something is not working, he will try another way that does. I love working with Kareem and I recommend his teachings to everyone. Kareem listens to what you need and truly cares that you feel good about your work. @jenn.tann

Headshot of Kelly McCullough

Kelly McCullough

Kareem has a natural ability to connect and communicate with people. He has excellent instincts for characterization and a strong ability to coach actors through the detailed process of character development. He is also extremely fun to work with. His credits coaching for the Urban Arts Project include our productions of Shrew, Dream and Hamlet.
Kelly McCullough, Artistic director of Urban Arts Project Guelph.

Headshot of Sarah Schmidt

Sarah Schmidt

Not only is Kareem an incredibly talented actor, he is a very skilled teacher as well. In the few times he has worked with me, he has provided me with an understanding about what it is to act and what it means to be an actor. Not only did he provide me skills to reach those understandings, he also very much made me work for it. Through seeing what Kareem has done and working with him I realized what I was capable or and also that I wanted to pursue acting. With his help, I got accepted into George Brown College’s Theatre Performance program and I honestly could not thank Kareem enough for all his guidance and believing in me! @sarahh.schmidt_

Headshot of Kelly Falco

Kelly Falco

My time being taught by Kareem was such an important and helpful part of my acting training. He is so knowledgeable and provides such a high level of technique to his students. He helped me through one of the most complex roles I have ever played and made me feel so confident in my character and my abilities. His own extensive experience as an actor allows him to empathize with his students and push them to always do better. Kareem is a wonderful actor and teacher and anyone who has the opportunity to study under him is very lucky!